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Hover over this picture to look at a before and after picture of this newly sealcoated driveway.

1. EDGING - First the driveway is edged using a power edger. This will provide a clean appearance and will expose hidden cracks which can be cracksealed.
Edging Process
2. CLEANING - The driveway will be thoroughly cleaned using a 200 mph blower and scrubbed with a steel bristle broom. When necessary we use high power pressure washers.
Cleaning Process
3. HEAT LANCING - This machine cleans, dries, and melts the brittle sidewalls of the cracks using 1800° of high pressure air. Battaglini Sealcoating is the only sealcoating company in the triple cities to go to this extent to do a proper job of cracksealing.
Heat Lancing Process

4. PREPARED CRACK - This is a prepared crack after heat lancing. It is completely dry, clean, and the brittle sidewalls have been melted. When the crack expands in the winter, our highly flexible crack filler will stay bonded to the sides of the crack.
Prepared Crack Process
5. CRACK SEALING - Cracks over ¼″ wide are filled with hot pour crackfiller. This is a specialized rubber, heated to 400° and poured into the crack and smoothed flat. This will effectively seal out water.
Crack Sealing Process
6. CUTTING IN - We are extremely careful in the application of sealer on your driveway. Smaller brushes are used around buildings, walls, curbs, etc. No mess is tolerated.
Cutting In Process

7. BRUSH APPLIED SEALCOATING - This is how all our driveways are sealed. A large brush spreads the sealer forcing it into voids in the pavement. This is superior to spray application which lays on top and can be disastrously messy.
Brushed Applied Sealcoating Process
8. THE FINAL PRODUCT - A slate black slip resistant finish. Vehicles need to be kept off for 48 hours. The sealer can normally be walked on a few hours after application, providing it looks dry.
The Final Product Process
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