Asphalt as·phalt /'asphalt/ noun
Asphaltic Concrete (AKA Blacktop) is a mixture of sand and stone (aggregate) and heated liquid Asphalt Cement (AC). Asphalt Cement is a by-product of refining oil. As the price of oil has risen so has the price of Asphalt. However, it is still the most economical option for paving in the Binghamton area.

With all of the ground movement we endure from the freeze and thaw cycles of our soil, the flexibility that asphalt offers makes it the obvious choice for driveways and parking lots in upstate New York areas like Binghamton, Endicott, Vestal, and Johnson City. If properly installed and maintained asphalt paved areas can last for 20 years or more.
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2013 Leeboy Paving Machine
Paving The Way
Most older pavers have warped screeds from the repeated overheating. Warped screeds cannot lay down a smooth mat. Our paver is a brand new 2013 Leeboy Paving Machine. It's state of the art and produces laser smooth mats of asphalt.
It's How We Roll
We can get compaction right next to houses, curbs, etc. Other companies are forced to stay 6" to a foot away from obstructions relying on less effective methods. This roller is cutting edge in its design and capability, allowing for a strong and lasting asphalt mat.
Crusher Run Stone
Crusher Run
Composed of crushed stone and stone dust, Crusher Run compacts very dense — allowing for a strong layer to build the driveway upon. We use this nearly impermeable layer for driveways that do not have issues with water running underneath.
Ashto 57 Stone
Ashto 57
Another type of stone we use compacts to form a firm sub base, that allows water to pass under and drain harmlessly from the underside of the driveway. We make every effort to drain the water away from your driveway, both on the surface and below it.
Driveway Layers Construction of a Driveway
Prepared Subgrade is the beginning of a properly constructed driveway. This first layer is the existing soil graded to the proper depth and pitched in such a way to allow any water that may penetrate to this level to drain away.

Aggregate Base Course is represented by Crusher Run or ASHTO 57 as we discussed above. It is this and the next layer that represent the majority of the strength in a driveway. There are other types of cheaper Aggregate bases utilized in our area, but none are as effective as the two types we use.

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Binder Course is the first layer of actual asphalt. It's composed of stone encased in hot Asphalt Cement. It is this layer with its larger stone that gives the pavement its strength. We apply 3" of binder.

HMA Surface Course, commonly referred to as top coat or item 7, is the finer asphalt that is the finishing touch on your driveway. Its purpose is to provide some water resistance and aesthetic appeal to your driveway. Even properly compacted asphalt is porous. It is vital to keep water out of the asphalt mat. We believe in Sealcoating one year after the installation of the topcoat to WATERPROOF your driveways surface. We apply 1-1/2" of top coat.
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